How to Get the Most from Your Marketing Budget

How to Get the Most from Your Marketing Budget

Do you want to learn How to Get the Most from Your Marketing Budget?

Read this article below by Bigfoot.Marketing to learn about:

  • The difference between Branding & Marketing
  • The meaning of Top of Mind Awareness
  • Bigfoot.Marketing's Services
  • The difference between Advertising & Marketing

Get the Most from Your Marketing Budget - Here's How

Bigfoot.Marketing will teach you How to Get the Most from Your Small Business Marketing Budget.

Are your small business's marketing efforts paying off?  Are you frustrated by wasting money to get your message out?  Are you confused about what to do?  

You need to learn the Bigfoot.Marketing way to get more happy clients.

Learn how to market, not just how to spend your money, then you'll make more money!

What is Bigfoot.Marketing?

Bigfoot Marketing is a small business owners marketing strategy that teaches small business owners how to get the biggest marketing footprint possible with their limited marketing budgets.

Branding Vs. Marketing

Your business’s brand includes your logo, colors and short messages (very short!). A brand alone is powerless to bring you customers and make you more money. Your branding MUST be simple and clear, but it is NOT “all important” to your company!

Branding is putting up your signs or your sponsor logos in places.

It takes effective MARKETING to promote a brand. Marketing includes your messages and the vehicles that are used to bring those messages to your target market.

Small businesses market with the hope of achieving what is often called "top of mind" awareness for their brands.

Top of Mind Awareness for Your Small Business

When someone in your target has a need for a product or service that your company provides, and the name or your business or your name is the first thing that they think of, you have achieved "top of mind awareness" with that person.

Small business owners face a significant challenge since many of them are competing with larger companies, franchises and "big box stores" that have HUGE marketing budgets. 

Small Business Marketing Services

Bigfoot.Marketing provides private consultation, classes and seminars for small business owners. 

They have worked with hundreds of small business owners and have devoted hundreds of hours to research and self-education to keep up with the changing environment in which small business owners must operate.

Advertising Vs. Marketing

Marketing Agencies Vs. Real World Small Business Marketing

There are LOTS of marketing agencies (companies) that are peopled with kids that got a marketing degree from a college.

They've got a diploma and have been taught the technical aspects of using varying marketing vehicles.  Therefore, they can show you places where you can spend money advertising.

However, they CANNOT provide knowledgeable advice to you when it comes to how your money spend will yield results.  They have no "real world" experience.

Bigfoot.Marketing Knows What You Should Do

By virtue of my day-in and day-out involvement with small business owners and their own experiences as a small business owners, they can tell you how to create and maintain a strategy to successfully market your small business.

If you are a small business owner and are ready to take advantage of the small business marketing expertise of Bigfoot.Marketing, visit the website here:


by Bigfoot Marketing

Get the Most from Your Marketing Budget - Here's How


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