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I Know What You Should Do

By virtue of my day-in and day-out involvement with small business owners and my own experience as a small business owner, I can tell you how to create and maintain a strategy to successfully market your small business.

Real World Small Business Marketing Experience

I have worked with hundreds of small business owners and have devoted hundreds of hours to research and self-education to keep up with the changing environment in which small business owners must operate.

Marketing Agencies Vs. Real World Small Business Marketing

There are LOTS of marketing agencies (companies) that are peopled with kids that got a marketing degree from a college.

They've got a diploma and have been taught the technical aspects of using varying marketing vehicles.  Therefore, they can show you places where you can spend money advertising.

However, they CANNOT provide knowledgeable advice to you when it comes to how your money spend will yield results.  They have no "real world" experience.


Something for "Self-Starters"

Do you like to learn?  There is a LOT that you can learn by taking full advantage of the free, small business marketing education that is here for you on this website.  If you've got "more time than money", this is definitely where you should start.

If you've got "more money than time", then perhaps a more basic understanding of small business marketing is all you need.  Then find someone you trust and pay them to do for you what you do not have time to do yourself.

Either way, Bigfoot.Marketing is here to help.


Most small business owners that I have worked with spend way too much time focusing upon their logos and are typically completely unaware of the need to develop a marketing message.

I've NEVER had ANYONE says something like: "I saw your logo and it was so amazing that I immediately knew I wanted to business with you."

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Just ask this single question. If you could ask a prospective customer one question that would tell you how likely they are to do business with you it would be this:  “Do you trust me?”

Simple TRUST you is doubtless the most important factor that influences people's buying decisions is consumer confidence.

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Your copy must be written a for a very special segment of consumers, commonly known as your "target audience."

All of our marketing (and ad copy) must accomplish these three following things to be effective:  Arrest the Attention of your target, Build your company's Brand, and Clearly Communicate your marketing message.

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Your business's prospects have questions.  Leave them unanswered are you marketing effort is sure to fall flat!

There are three questions that each and every advertising message should answer for your target audience:

WHAT?  What are you offering me? and WHY?  Why do I need it? and HOW?  How do I get it?

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