Ask this One Question


Do You TRUST me?

Consumer Confidence (TRUST) is Always #1 in Effective Marketing

If you could ask a prospective customer one question that would tell you how likely they are to do business with you it would be this: “Do you trust me?”

The single, most important factor that influences buying decision is consumer confidence.

Consumer confidence reduced to one word is TRUST.

To Know You is to Trust You (or Not)

The #1 element that influences the buying decisions of consumers is consumer confidence or TRUST, and to know you must be to trust you. 

Can they trust you?  If they don’t know you, they shouldn’t.  We teach our children to “never trust strangers” — so don’t be a stranger to them. 

This is why people running for political office want to meet and greet.  They are trying to engender trust.  They know that people cannot trust them if they do not know them.

New business that comes from referrals is trust-based business.  I ALWAYS try to make my purchases for new products and services by gaining the confident referral of someone that I KNOW AND TRUST

I feel safer this way, and when I try the new product or service, I can say, “John recommended you” and you bet your bottom dollar I will usually get treated better for it.  If this new business screws up, they are going to hear back from John!

Increase Consumer Confidence and Increase Your Sales

Anything that you can do that builds TRUST with your target audience will result in more leads and sales.


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