Its About Time

Its About Time

Its About Time!

Seven Timely Time Principles

The most basic definition of a commodity is something of value.  Commodities can be necessities or luxuries.  They can either be plentiful or scarce.

For the clearest understanding, you must first comprehend whether or not a commodity is a luxury or a necessity.

In business, you won't be selling many luxury products or services to people that are surviving on ramen noodles or "rice and beans."

  • Chocolate is a luxury, albeit some readers may disagree and insist it is a necessity!  laughing

For example, gold is considered a commodity (a thing of value), but it can also be considered a luxury, like all other precious metals and jewels.

However, rice is also a commodity (a thing of value), but it is NOT a luxury, but more of a necessity.

Can You Live Without it?

If you can live without it, you could say it is a luxury.  What about time?  You certainly can't live without it until you die.  Hopefully, you have trusted your life to God the Creator and Redeemer - so you will someday know what it is to live without time.

However, as a business owner, and as a human being for that matter, time is your most precious commodity.  It is a thing of high value, and it is a necessity.

My time is more valuable to me than any asset that I own.  I can always make more money, but I can never manufacture even another second of time.

Your Single Biggest Financial Miscalculation

As a business owner, if you do not properly VALUE your time, you are making the most possible serious error possible. 

  • Your time is your single greatest commodity.
  • Your time is your most valuable asset.

So, what do you do with your time?

  1. Treasure it.
  2. Invest it.
  3. Maximize it.
  4. Experience it.
  5. Count it.
  6. Sacrifice it.
  7. NEVER waste it.

It's About Time!

Treasure it.

Are you Ignorant?

The more scare something is, the more valuable it is.  If you do not KNOW that your time is a treasure, you sorely need to be educated on this topic.  Lack of KNOWLEDGE is ignorance.  So, if you don't KNOW that your time is a treasure, you are ignorant.

I'm not calling you a fool and I'm not calling you stupid.  I'm simply stating that if you don't know something, that means you are ignorant of it.

Treasure or Trash?

I suppose the opposite of a treasure is trash.  We throw trash out.  We keep treasure.  You've probably heard "One man's trash is another man's treasure."

Time is always a treasure.  Ignorant people do not know this.  They grossly underestimate the value of their time.

"It is ONLY going to cost you your Time"

Tell me that to make me immediately lose interest in the conversation!

Time = LIFE!

Why don't you tell me instead,
"It is only going to cost you your life!"

You simply don't put "only" and "life" in the same sentence.  I value my life (and yours) and therefore I value my TIME (and yours).

Go Ahead, Try and Steal my Time!

I never let a client STEAL my time.  My time is a TREASURE - it is MY LIFE and I guard it with MY LIFE.  I will INVEST my time with people.  I will sometimes even SACRIFICE my time with people, but I NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER let them steal it from me.

It would be like me allowing them to put a gun to my head and pull the trigger.


Invest it.


Maximize it.


Experience it.


Count it.


Sacrifice it.


NEVER waste it.




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