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You've Got 30 Seconds. Go!


Most small business owners that I have worked with spend way too much time focusing upon their logos and are typically completely unaware of the need to develop a marketing message.

I've NEVER had ANYONE says something like: "I saw your logo and it was so amazing that I immediately knew I wanted to business with you."

However, I've won lot's of clients after telling them: "I can help you attract more clients, increase their satisfaction with you, and make you more money.

They usually want to know how I can do that. 

Develop and Implement a Marketing Message

Logos are powerless in convincing people to do business with you.  Their purpose is simply identification.  They are not intended to convince your target to hire you.

A well-crafted marketing message is what you need for that!

7 Steps to Craft a Powerful Marketing Message

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Identify Your Target
  2. List the Problems your Target Has That You Can Solve
  3. List the Emotions that Your Target is Experiencing due to their Problems
  4. List How You Can Solve Your Target's Problems
  5. List What Makes You Different (Better Choice) than Your Competition
  6. List the Results that Your Target will Experience as a Result of Your Products or Services
  7. Take Steps 1-6 and Put them Together!



The ABCs of Bigfoot Marketing

bigfoot-abcs-attention-branding-clarity.jpgHow long the ad copy should be is determined by the media and the target reading, hearing, or watching, but these elements that follow are the three MUSTS in creating an ad that results in CONVERSIONS.

In all of your advertising, be sure that these following three things are accomplished:

  • You Must Arrest their Attention
  • You Must Build your Brand
  • You Must Communicate with Clarity

Arresting Attention

Your copy needs to get the special attention of a very special segment of consumers—your target audience.

Are the words you are using and associated imagery (visual or audible) going to catch the attention of your target?

Brand Building

Advertising as you should means that each ad is fashioned with your target in mind and has been specifically crafted for the media that is carrying the message, and that your ad is consistent with your company’s marketing message and is faithfully carrying your brand.

Never miss an opportunity to deepen and broaden awareness for your brand.

Clear Communication

Your copy needs to be both clear and concise. General ambiguity will generate more suspicion than curiosity. Your ad needs to start the saliva flowing to taste your product or service and include something that creates a feeling of urgency.

Be sure and read Baby Bigfoot Words with Daddy Bigfoot Power, Ten Distinct Bigfoot Words and The Bigfoot Dictionary as companions for this lesson!

What? Why? How?

answer-these-3-questions-in-all-advertising-what-why-how.pngYour Advertising Must Answer Three Questions

How long the ad copy should be is determined by the media and the target reading, hearing, or watching, but these elements that follow are the three MUSTS in creating an ad that results in CONVERSIONS.

In all of your advertising, be sure that these following three questions are answered with clarity and brevity.

  1. WHAT?  What are you offering me?
  2. WHY?  Why do I need it?
  3. HOW?  How do I get it.

As always, your OFFER must reach your TARGET.  Be sure your choice of media is reaching your audience or you will be wasting your time and money.

Notice that I said "OFFER", not "Company Name".  There is a place for simply "branding" your company name, such as sponsoring an organization or event, but when you are trying to sell something, you need an appealing OFFER.

Next, if you can't convince them that they need it ... they won't buy it.

Finally, make it super-duper EASY for them to accept the offer.  NEVER make it hard for someone to exchange their money with you for your product or service.

If you are not currently accepting credit cards, or if you are paying too much in your fees to do so, check out BluePay / Cardpointe here.  I've been able to leverage some great rates for my clients.  🙂

If your advertisement is an infomercial, then be sure to repeat these three things throughout.

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Also get Small Bigfoot Words with Bigfoot ImpactsTen Distinct Bigfoot Words and The Bigfoot Dictionary.

Do You Trust Me?

number-one-factor-to-increase-sales.pngDo You Trust Me?

If you could ask a prospective customer one question that would tell you how likely they are to do business with you it would be this: “Do you trust me?”

The single, most important factor that influences buying decision is consumer confidence.

Consumer confidence reduced to one word is TRUST.

To Know You is to Trust You (or Not)

The #1 element that influences the buying decisions of consumers is consumer confidence or TRUST, and to know you must be to trust you. 

Can they trust you?  If they don’t know you, they shouldn’t.  We teach our children to “never trust strangers” — so don’t be a stranger to them. 

This is why people running for political office want to meet and greet.  They are trying to engender trust.  They know that people cannot trust them if they do not know them.

New business that comes from referrals is trust-based business.  I ALWAYS try to make my purchases for new products and services by gaining the confident referral of someone that I KNOW AND TRUST

I feel safer this way, and when I try the new product or service, I can say, “John recommended you” and you bet your bottom dollar I will usually get treated better for it.  If this new business screws up, they are going to hear back from John!

Increase Consumer Confidence and Increase Your Sales

Anything that you can do that builds TRUST with your target audience will result in more leads and sales.





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