For most small business owners, including myself, BLOGS are a waste of time and energy.

From the moment of their introduction, BLOGS were being sold and classes taught and google was pushing them BECAUSE they included google ads all over the place.

I NEVER advised my clients to create and maintain blogs.

I REFUSED to and suggested that they use the Best Way Websites CMS to write articles instead.

MANY did not listen and MANY spent hundreds and some thousands of dollars trying to make them work for their local businesses.

They didn't, of course and they ALL told me a few months or couple of years later what a waste of time and money it was!

There is a Place for BLOGS

But you must have a large following to make them work and have a very special niche market.

Why not just use Facebook instead?

Build a Facebook Business Page.  It is free and easy to use.

Better Yet

Get a good SEO'd website instead, participate in local search marketing, and use Facebook to make posts instead of a blog site ... that's my advice.


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