Seven Steps to Craft a Powerful Marketing Message

Seven Steps to Craft a Powerful Marketing Message

There are Seven Steps to Craft a Powerful Marketing Message!

Here is the Formula

(Your Target - Primary Name)

[connecting phrase]

(Your Company Name)

[connecting phrase]

(USP - unique selling proposition)

[connecting phrase]

(what you do)

[connecting phrase]

(target's problems + emotions)

[connecting phrase]

(Your Target -  Secondary Name)

[connecting phrase - results]

(results achieved for target).

Here are the Seven Steps

Your Marketing Message: Step 1 - Identify Your Target

Who is your target?  You are in business because you solve problems for other people.  Your target is experiencing some pain or has some need that must be filled. Who has it?

Is your target young or old?  Male or Female?  What is their economic status?  What makes them tick?  Spend some time pondering just who it is that you are wanting to buy your products or services.

Select the two most appropriate phrases that your target would agree identifies them.  (Both of these will be used in your marketing message)

Your Marketing Message: Step 2 - List the Problems your Target Has That You Can Solve

An effective marketing message begins with your target -- not you or your company.  Keep in mind that your target is concerned about themselves, not your company.  Their only interest in your company is how you can solve their problem, meet their need or lessen their pain!

Your Marketing Message: Step 3 - List the Emotions that Your Target is Experiencing due to their Problems

There are only two families of emotion: positive and negative.  Every emotion can be grouped in one or the other.  Since you are in business because you solve problems, and because problems come with an emotional attachment, you need to identify what your target FEELS as a result of their problem.

People make decisions emotionally.  You may be able to pique the interest of some with some an intellectual or theoretical approach, but decisions are driven by emotion.  If something "sounds" right to them (intellect) but it doesn't "feel" right, they usually do not buy.

Emotions need to affirm the intellect, so don't leave emotion out of your message!

Your product or service may be exactly what your target needs, so try and engage them emotionally and intellectually.  Just keep in mind that the emotional aspect will be what makes them willing to hear the details (intellectual part).

Your Marketing Message: Step 4 - List How You Can Solve Your Target's Problems

What do you do that solves their problem, relieves their pain, meets their need?  What is your "remedy" to their "illness"?

Your Marketing Message: Step 5- List What Makes You Different (Better Choice) than Your Competition

There are others that do what you do.  Why should they choose you instead?  What sets you apart from your competitors?  What makes you a better choice?  What additional benefit do you bring?

Your Marketing Message: Step 6 - List the Results that Your Target will Experience as a Result of Your Products or Services

The proof is in the pudding.  What do your existing clients experience as a result of choosing you?  List both the empirical and emotional results that your clients receive as a result of choosing your company.

Your Marketing Message: Step 7 - Take Steps 1-6 and Put The Refined Phrases Together!


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