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Please take the time to browse and/or search this public website, you will find LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of valueable and free information here, and maybe you'll get all of your questions answered here.

Where to Start?

Visit the FREE Help page on our website and start by reading and re-reading the Bigfoot Footprints.  Then, take in all the free help that is offered!

If you want and/or need more, then consider our member's only program.

We provide a LOT of free value on this public website, but we have a lot more that is "behind our membership wall". 

  • In fact, an entire website full of marketing help.

If you want to learn more and get discounts on our services, then you should consider becoming a member.

Membership Privileges

Become a member and receive:

  • Unlimited, password protected access to our Member's Only Website
  • 15 minutes each month of private consultation
    • $720 value (your cost for membership + $220!)
    • Limited to 1 call each month of up to 15 minutes in length
      • (NOT 3 calls of 5 minutes each ...)
    • Monthly credits do NOT "roll over"
    • Use them or lose them
  • 50% discount on our Business Startup Package
  • 50% discount on our Private Consultation Service
  • Other discounts in the Member's Only Store


Membership Requirements

Do your Due Diligence Study FIRST!

BEFORE you purchase a membership, read the FREE, public stuff that we provide, read some reviews and figure out if you think the membership is worth it.

If you cannot come to a positive conclusion before purchasing your membership, then please do not join!

$500 Membership Dues

Your membership dues are $500/yr and they do NOT automatically renew.

The reason for this is if you use the membership as you should for the first year, you probably will not need to keep your access to the members page, but this is up to you.

You may purchase again for another year if you want.


The value that we are providing is digital and it can all be downloaded. 

  • The only way we can protect our intellectual property that we are sharing with you is to have a 100% NO REFUND POLICY.
  • Otherwise, you could download everything and then ask for a refund.
  • You will certainly be able to determine the value by accessing the free stuff on this website.
  • The members get much more, plus monthly access to me directly.  It is a grand value.  NO REFUNDS.

How to Access Our Member's Only Website

  1. You make your puchase using the button below.
  2. You will receive your login information via email.

If you have questions, call us at Bigfoot Marketing / Locals.Reviews : 888-628-5226


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