Article Writing Services for Small Businesses

Article Writing Services for Small Businesses

Bigfoot Marketing provides Article Writing Services for Small Businesses.

Professional Article Writing Services

  • 250 Word Article: $100
  • 500 Word Article: $175
  • 1,000 Word Article: $250
  • 2,500 Word Article: $500
  • 5,000 Word Article: $750
  • 10,000 Word Article: $1,500

Articles are a great way to promote a small business.

In the early days of the internet, all most all websites were written like a news or feature article or expanded brochure, and typically a blend of the three. 

The early webmasters would interview the business owner and then develop the website and publish as a third person, which made sense then.

That doesn't make sense any longer.

Your website should be written in the first person and should be spoken directly to your target audience.

Small Business Articles are Written About a Company in the Third Person

However, it is completely appropriate for an article about you and your business to be written in the third person.

When someone visits your website, you should greet them just like they walked in to your place of business.  You would not use third person language if someone walked into your business.

You would say, "Hi, my name is [your name] and I am the owner here."  You wouldn't say "Welcome to [my business name] and say, [your name] is the owner.  You would address them in the first person.

Small Business Marketing Articles are Typically Hosted on Third Party Sites

Once your article is created, you can upload it to your website and provide instructions for others that see it to follow if they would like to host your article on their sites.

Content publishers need great content, so do a great job and you'll discover that publishers will want to use your content on their sites.


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