The Single Most Important Marketing Lesson for Small Business Owners

The Single Most Important Marketing Lesson for Small Business Owners

The #1 Most Important Marketing Lesson ~
Most People are Like Most People

So what is the Most Important, Number 1 Marketing Lesson?

Your question was this: "What is the most important, #1 Marketing Lesson?

I'm glad you asked, because I know the answer, and here it is:


Don't you agree?

Truth be told, there ain't that much that is original with me.  All I can do is tell you want I have learned and observed and think that I know.

Most everything that I believe I know and teach I have learned from someone else ... and they learned it from someone else as well.

However, this one thing is actually original with me as far as I know, and I believe it is the #1 most important marketing lesson any business owner could ever learn

I probably think this because it is my own brilliant idea.  cool

How I Came to Know This All-Important Truth

I'm so grateful that this concept made it into my mind. 

It came to me while I was teaching a marketing class many years ago and I just said it.  It sounded good and I think it is true.  (There are lots of "sounds good but ain't true" statements).

If my memory is correct, we were in a question and answer period and I was asked if I thought a certain marketing method would work, and I answered them by asking them a question that went something like this: "would that work for you."

They thought for a few seconds and then said, "probably not."  That is when this new little epigram about marketing wafted into my mind ... and it didn't take long for it to waft out of my mouth!

Most People are Like Most People

Since most people are like most people, you are more likely than not like most people, too.

People are very predictable, usually.

ALL people are not like MOST people, but MOST people are ... 

We're All Different, but We are All Alike, Too

Keep in mind that I am speaking in the most general of terms.  We will have different favorite colors and foods and hobbies, of course.  In many ways we are even truly unique, but in the most general of terms, we share most things in common with others that are within our same culture.



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