Develop and Use Your Marketing Message

Develop and Use Your Marketing Message

Learn How to Craft and Deliver Your Marketing Message

Most small business owners that I have worked with spend way too much time focusing upon their logos and are typically completely unaware of the need to develop a marketing message.

I've NEVER had ANYONE says something like: "I saw your logo and it was so amazing that I immediately knew I wanted to business with you."

However, I've won lot's of clients after telling them:

"I can help you attract more clients, increase their satisfaction with you, and make you more money."

They usually want to know how I can do that, and that is WHY you need to develop and use your marketing message.

AKA Your "Elevator Speech"

Called an "elevator speech" because you get into an elevator with a potential prospect and you've got maybe 30 seconds to get them interested in what you do.

What do you say to them?

You want to say something powerful that will prompt them to ask some question and maybe ask for youir business card.  If they do, be sure and TRADE business cards with them.

Make a quick note on their business card that they give you (IF YOU CAN) or note somewhere else so you can make a followup call on this new prospect.  Maybe you can "warm them up" into a real new business lead.

Develop and Implement a Marketing Message

Logos are powerless in convincing people to do business with you.  Their purpose is simply identification.  They are not intended to convince your target to hire you.

A well-crafted marketing message is what you need for that!

7 Steps to Craft a Powerful Marketing Message

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Identify Your Target
  2. List the Problems your Target Has That You Can Solve
  3. List the Emotions that Your Target is Experiencing due to their Problems
  4. List How You Can Solve Your Target's Problems
  5. List What Makes You Different (Better Choice) than Your Competition
  6. List the Results that Your Target will Experience as a Result of Your Products or Services
  7. Take Steps 1-6 and Put them Together!

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