What Why and How

What?  Why?  and How?

Your Advertising Must Answer Three Questions

How long the ad copy should be is determined by the media and the target reading, hearing, or watching, but these elements that follow are the three MUSTS in creating an ad that results in CONVERSIONS.

In all of your advertising, be sure that these following three questions are answered with clarity and brevity.

  1. WHAT?  What are you offering me?
  2. WHY?  Why do I need it?
  3. HOW?  How do I get it.

As always, your OFFER must reach your TARGET.  Be sure your choice of media is reaching your audience or you will be wasting your time and money.

Notice that I said "OFFER", not "Company Name".  There is a place for simply "branding" your company name, such as sponsoring an organization or event, but when you are trying to sell something, you need an appealing OFFER.

Next, if you can't convince them that they need it ... they won't buy it.

Finally, make it super-duper EASY for them to accept the offer.  NEVER make it hard for someone to exchange their money with you for your product or service.

If you are not currently accepting credit cards, or if you are paying too much in your fees to do so, check out BluePay / Cardpointe here.  I've been able to leverage some great rates for my clients.  🙂

If your advertisement is an infomercial, then be sure to repeat these three things throughout.


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