Small Business Marketing Services

Small Business Marketing Services

Choose Bigfoot.Marketing for your Small Business Marketing Services needs!

Marketing Services We Provide

We provide the following small business marketing services:

  1. Access to an exclusive, member's only website and services.
  2. Private, one-on-one consultation (in person, phone and/or video).
  3. Complete graphic design and full-color print media for typical point-of-sale literature and more. (Logos, Business Identity Packages, Business Cards, Brochures, Direct Mail Pieces ...)
  4. A professional, two-step feed back and reviews program that currents to over a dozen popular reviews platforms.  Get control of your reviews!
  5. Special Business Startup Packages.
  6. Logo Design.
  7. Website Design.
  8. Local Search and conventional website SEO services.
  9. Article Writing Services.
  10. Article Distribution Services.
Member's Only Website and Services

Member's Only Website and Services

Become a member and receive:

Unlimited, password protected access to our Member's Only Website, 15 minutes each month of private consultation (a $720 value - your cost for membership + $220!) the included calls are Limited to 1 call each month of up to 15 minutes in length.

Members also receive: a 50% discount on our Business Startup Package, and a 50% discount on our Private Consultation Service.

Other discounts in the Member's Only Store!

Private Consultation

Choose Bigfoot.Marketing for your Small Business Marketing Services needs!

Small Business Marketing Consultation

We've got decades of real-word small business marketing experience.

If you are simply looking for someone to tell you where you can spend your business's marketing budget, you probably don't need us.

Any kid fresh out of college that has taken a "marketing" course can tell you that.  

On the other hand, if you have demands for performance and results from your small business marketing strategy, get in touch with us.

Graphics and Print Media

Graphic Design & Print Media


We can help you with designing your business's identity, logo and marketing messages.  We do our own in-shop design and can handle your printing needs as well.


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