Affordable Search Engine Marketing

Affordable Search Engine Marketing

Is there such a thing as Affordable Search Engine Marketing?

Of course, there is?

3 Basic Considerations for Affordable Search Engine Marketing

1) Do You Have More Time than Money?

If you can learn what to do yourself and you allow yourself the time that is required to do it, it can cost you almost nothing more than your time.

So, if you've got time on your hands and you are willing to learn what you should do and then take the necessary action steps to do it, do all that you can yourself.

2) Do You Have More Money than Time?

If so, then let your marketing budget dictate how much you should spend.

3) Can you Find Someone You Trust to Hire?

WARNING! I implore you NOT to hire a "professional SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company!

Why?  They are nearly 100% scams.  If you have already hired such a firm, you have already experienced personal pain over it.

Interesting Note: I think in 2021, I changed my credit card processing bank for my company.  I have sold SEO services for years.  They told me that they would provide the account if I advertised and sold SEO services!

Why?  Because even the banks lose money on these SCAM companies!  They have chargebacks that are HIGH and COSTLY.

The world of SEO has changed so dramatically over the last decade that we have not sold "traditional SEO services" ourselves for over 10 years now, because they simply do not work.  We don't SCAM people.

We teach people HOW to do the basic, ON-SITE SEO themselves or we do it as a part of website development.  We don't charge extra for it!

We also setup LOCAL SEARCH for our clients, which is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from "conventional" SEO.

We also implement Social Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) which are "traffic drivers" as well, but they are not "traditional" SEO, either!

Finding someone trustworthy:

  1. Try to locate someone that is truly LOCAL to your area.  Someone you can sit down with and look at in their God-given eyeballs. 
  2. Before you meet with them, ask them for some LOCAL customers that they have purchased their services that you can talk with if possible.  (This should be possible).  Otherwise, AT LEAST look at their reviews from places like google.
  3. Interview them, ask them what they can do for you and how much they will charge.
  4. Ask them what they should expect for results from the services that they provide to you.
  5. Ask them if they will be employing paid services on your behalf.  Will they be using Google PPC (Pay Per Click), for example.  Note: if they are, you don't need SEO services to get ADS to show up on Google partner's websites!
  6. Require them to provide these things to you in writing, with a money-back guarantee if they cannot fulfill the results that they promise you.


Example of Good, On-Site SEO of a Page

Affordable Search Engine Marketing

Note: this section at the bottom of this page is an example of good, on-site SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  The example below shows how a portion of a page would be "SEO'd".

Affordable Search Engine Marketing

If you are looking for Affordable Search Engine Marketing, you should get in touch with Bigfoot.Marketing.  Bigfoot.Marketing is a company that was founded and is owned and operated by the architect of the Best Way Websites website builder (website generator) and website editor (CMS or Content Management System).

Many small businesses are paying way too much for their SEO services and most of them are being SCAMMED.  There are times when they are wanting search engine optimization service performance that they simply don't need and sometimes they cannot realistically afford.  Regardless, search engine marketing must be affordable for small businesses.

Note These Things:

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