The ABCs of Bigfoot Marketing

The ABCs of Bigfoot Marketing

Always Use the ABC's in All of Your Marketing Efforts

How long the ad copy should be is determined by the media and the target reading, hearing, or watching, but these elements that follow are the three MUSTS in creating an ad that results in CONVERSIONS.

In all of your advertising, be sure that these following three things are accomplished:

  • You Must Arrest their Attention
  • You Must Build your Brand
  • You Must Communicate with Clarity

Arresting Attention

Your copy needs to get the special attention of a very special segment of consumers—your target audience.

Are the words you are using and associated imagery (visual or audible) going to catch the attention of your target?

Brand Building

Advertising as you should means that each ad is fashioned with your target in mind and has been specifically crafted for the media that is carrying the message, and that your ad is consistent with your company’s marketing message and is faithfully carrying your brand.

Never miss an opportunity to deepen and broaden awareness for your brand.

Clear Communication

Your copy needs to be both clear and concise. General ambiguity will generate more suspicion than curiosity. Your ad needs to start the saliva flowing to taste your product or service and include something that creates a feeling of urgency.


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